Our design ethos at BSI Nordale begins with the Directors meeting with the Client and understanding the brief, noting any site constraints and operational idiosyncrasies before developing a concept design, writing a specification and calculating the budget ready to take the project to the next stage.


Installation is a pivotal part of the process at BSI Nordale we have the resources and expertise to install any mechanical and electrical plant, machinery or services ensuring a quality installation demonstrating excellent workmanship, meeting the specification employing industry best practise.


Quality management throughout ensures delivery, at BSI Nordale we have the expertise to manage building services portfolios on behalf of the Client from cradle to grave safeguarding optimum design, installation and operation of the mechanical and electrical plant; ensuring legal compliance and adherence to industry best practise.


High level professional maintenance give peace of mind, BSI Nordale has a team of dedicated, high calibre Engineers who are UK trained and qualified in their field of expertise.  They take ownership of the sites they work in and provide the full package of professionalism, technical excellence, strong communication skills, customer service aware and highly competent in the field of environmental, health & safety matters.


Consistent and ongoing support is woven into all aspects of what we do. BSI Nordale aims to provide its Clients with a one stop shop for all their engineering building services needs, from maintenance, service contracts, installation, Project Management, compliance audits, condition survey, 24 hour Technical Support, Client Representation etc.